Fear No More!

Fear No More!

Fear is a characteristic all humans share. In general, people are either afraid or anxious about several things. What is the recurring fear that paralyses you? Is there a solution to this perennial crisis?

Yes, that is coming to us with the birth of Jesus- God becoming man. The angels’ announcement was to the fearful and meek shepherds. The first word uttered was ‘Fear not’!

Yes, with the arrival of Jesus on this earth, our fears no longer rule our hearts but His peace permeates.

To really experience this, we must invite Him into our lives. All we have to do is trust in who He is, acknowledge our limitations and failures, and ask for His pardon.

Jesus is also called the Prince of Peace; when this Prince enters our life, we will begin to enjoy an unending peace, a new confidence. Because He is with us, we will become confident in the course of our life, no matter what.

Stay on with us on this journey of discovery! We are ready to help you!

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